Here’s What Your Child Can Enjoy With A Party By Stephanie


Birthday parties are always fun to attend because of the food, the cake, the games and the goodies! And if you were the invited child, then it would be 10 times more fun! But as parents, it is going to be a different scenario when you are the ones organizing the party for your child.

At Stephanie’s, our Birthday Event Management in Virginia makes it easy for moms and dads to make their child’s dream birthday party come true! Just choose from our packages or services so you can get started with your child’s party ideas.

Stephanie’s Kids Party & Spa has these activities for your child and their friends to enjoy:

  • A Spa Experience Manicures and pedicures
  • A theme of choice Emoji, Unicorn, Monster High
  • Entertainment Face painting, party games, and a princess appearance!

While setting your child’s party date, here are some party tips we would like you to consider in making your child’s birthday celebration a success:

  • Send Invites Early On
    To give the parents of your child’s friends enough time to block off their schedule, it would be ideal to send the party invites at least 1 week ahead. That way, your child’s friends’ parents still have time to check whether or not they can attend, with an RSVP and your contact number clearly printed on the invitation. This gives you room to add or alter your guest list should the people you have invited not be able to make it for the party.
  • Party Menu
    You can arrange food ideas with us so we can make your child’s birthday party even more enjoyable. It would also be ideal to ask your child which food or drinks they like and would like to serve their friends for their birthday party so they can have the ultimate experience of really making it their birthday party. After all, they will only be kids once, so indulge them to their heart’s desire, and as long as mom and dad agree!
  • Party Theme
    With us, your child can select a theme they want for their birthday like a princess party, an Emoji party, or a tea party on their big day. But if they have another kind of theme in mind, we would highly recommend that you select a party favor provider who can meet your standards and requirements and can fully commit to instructions.

Organizing parties can be stressful and having good party organizers who can assist you through the preparation can literally take loads off of your hands. We always make it a point to see every child happy when they celebrate their big days with their families and us because as a Birthday Party Organizer in Chesapeake, Virginia, seeing children’s happiness keeps us doing what we do best.

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Stephanie’s Kids Party & Spa might just have what you need to get things done and ready. Call us if you have inquiries.

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