First Birthday? A Checklist of Things to Remember


Would you give out a party for your child’s first birthday? Some parents retreat from this idea saying that their kid won’t even remember it at all. What about you? Do you think your kid deserves that celebration? You know what, at the end of the day, the decision is really up to you. But as your Birthday Party Organizers in Chesapeake, Virginia, we say that every kid’s party is as much as parents’ parties. Your one-year-old may not remember anything at all in that momentous occasion, but you do. After everything, it’s really your love for them and what you do for that love that really matters.

So mom and dad, when you get your gears ready for that first party day, we would like to share these important reminders:

  • Capture memories

    On special occasions such as your child’s first birthday, see to it that you’re capturing memories. What this means is for you to be all there in the celebration. Don’t take photos. Put down your iPhones. Capture your memories by heart. But of course, you have the photos covered with help from a provider of Birthday Event Management in Virginia.

  • Stay colorful

    Because it’s a kid’s party, your child’s invited guests are also children. Nothing delights children more than colorful things. As your Kids Party Planner, we can help you set up colorful balloons, tablecloths, chairs, flowers, and other attractive elements that cheer a child’s eye.

  • Get excited with games

    Games will never go out of style when there are kids around. Make a plan for exciting games that kids can safely play. Remember to also set aside the prizes as these can energize kids all the more. You will see that just by planning for these games, the excitement will already reign in the air.

  • Serve tasty foods

    Children always love food – the tastier the better. In staying true with a colorful theme, let your foods be prepared in a colorful way. Set up tables for candies, lollipops, marshmallows, and other sweet treats that every kid will enjoy. It will be a fulfilling experience to see happiness and excitement in these kids’ eyes.

  • Don’t forget the giveaways

    Extra treats are equally delighting to kids. When you provide giveaways, you are also giving other kids the opportunity to extend your kid’s birthday celebration for some more days. Every time they see or use the giveaway, they will remember that they got it on your child’s first birthday.

In crafting plans for your precious one’s first year, let us help you. At Stephanie’s Kids Party & Spa, we have experienced party organizers who can share inputs with you to bring out a memorable celebration. We can also assist you in setting these plans to motion. With us at the helm of the party planning, you can simply focus on having a good time and celebrating the gift of life that your child really is. Contact us to inquire about these services.

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