Awesome Games You Should Play On Your Kid’s Birthday Party


Do you still remember your first birthday party as a kid? Many years have passed, but the rules of party planning are pretty much the same. In short, they are still a whole lot of fun!

Here are some games that we suggest for your kid’s upcoming birthday party:

  1. Potato-Sack Race

    This one is a classic for a reason. For this game, you can use any kind of burlap bag you can get your hands on. They can be bought from coffee roasting companies. Since it’s the age of the Internet, you can also buy them online!

    The rules are pretty straightforward. Each kid has to step into his or her bag and race each other to the finish line by hopping while holding the sack up!

  2. Burst that Balloon
    This game requires some preparation as you have to blow up some balloons ahead of time. The mechanics are pretty simple: one balloon is tied to each kid’s ankle. The objective is to burst everyone else’s balloons while keeping theirs intact.
  3. Three-Legged Race
    The purpose of this game is to engage both kids and parents. It is also an excellent way to introduce the concept of cooperation to young kids. For this game, one person’s leg is tied to the other person’s leg so that they have a total of “three” legs together. The three-legged pair must then race to the finish line. As it goes in all races, the one who reaches the finish line first is the victor.
  4. Extreme Colored Powder War

    Your child’s birthday party will surely feel like a festival with this game. Each child will be given a bag filled with colored powder. The only instruction is to throw it around and have fun! It will turn into a colorful, chaotic, cloudy mess. But once the dust settles, the smiles on their faces will be memorable.

    If you have trouble finding the resources for the games that we’ve mentioned thus far, you can always avail of our services at Stephanie’s Kids Party & Spa, a birthday party organizer in Chesapeake, Virginia. We’d like to know how we can assist you.

    After all the energy-filled games, you can try this last one.

  5. Birthday Bonfire Bonanza

    This one is more of a laid-back activity than a high-intensity game for the kids to enjoy. This bonfire party gives them time to relax while enjoying snacks over the bonfire. Parent supervision is, of course, very important.

    You also have the option to turn this into a camp-out, so you and the other children can spend some time relishing the outdoors.

It’s never a bad idea to look for a kids’ party planner. Let’s make every children’s birthday party fun and memorable by sharing this post!

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