4 Tips: How to Plan Your 5-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party


Throwing a birthday bash for your child involves a lot of planning. This is especially true with the menu. You can’t just pick any recipe from the cookbook. Since the guests at the party are mostly kids, you’ll have to choose party foods that children won’t snub. Here are seven of the perfect party foods that every birthday party organizer in Chesapeake, Virginia should serve:

  1. Veggie Dip While kids are known to dislike vegetables, that doesn’t mean that you should exclude that from the party’s menu. Veggie dips can be chopped carrots, tomatoes, or celery. Of course, you don’t just serve them as they are. Pair them up with tasty dips such as thousand island dressing, yogurt, or peanut butter.
  2. Mac and Cheese This easy-to-prepare dish is one of the most loved party foods for kids. Not only kids, even adults love to eat mac and cheese. Just see to it that you choose a healthy alternative when serving mac and cheese to the kids. Opt for whole wheat elbow macaroni. Add low calorie and low sodium butter and grated cheddar cheese. Don’t forget the skim milk.
  3. Sliced Caramel Apple Sticks Instead of the traditional caramel apple, opt for a more convenient kiddie treat – sliced caramel apple sticks. To prepare, slice apples into chunks. Place apple on sticks and dip into caramel. You can drizzle chocolate sauce for garnish.
  4. Fairy Bread If you want a visually appealing and tasty treat, then you should know the recipe to Fairy Bread. It is an easy-to-prepare goodies for kids. You only need bread, margarine, and sprinkles to make this particular sweet treat.
  5. Pizza Biscuits Whether you are a mom or a representative from a birthday event management in Virginia deciding on the birthday party’s menu, consider adding pizza biscuits. As the kids’ party planner, start off by preparing the ingredients. The recipe requires flaky biscuits, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni slices.
  6. Banana Ice Cream Banana ice cream can be created by first freezing a bunch of sliced ripe bananas. After a couple of hours, remove them from the freezer and puree. You can serve immediately if you want to maintain the soft texture of the banana ice cream. Otherwise, you can freeze puree first before serving.
  7. Fruity Ice Pops Ice pops are great treats for kids during a party, especially when the party is held during summer. Fruity ice pops can be your crowd-pleaser then. To make this recipe, mix sliced fruits with yogurt and sugar. Put in a blender. Once blended, put in paper cups and put a stick in. Freeze for at least five hours.

These treats, once added to the menu, can definitely please the kids at the party. If you need help organizing a kiddie party, Stephanie’s Kids Party & Spa is here to help. Give us a call at 757-842-4177 to know more.

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